Accounting And Getting The Numbers Right

aagtValuable business info is trapped inside your accounting files–set your data free and gain new insight with spreadsheet analysis

HAS YOUR ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE TAKEN YOUR data hostage? If your only insight into your financial status has been via your bookkeeping program, you’re in for a surprise when you break your data free. Once released, you can use the data every day for business analysis, and display it in an easy-to-read and attractive report format suitable for use in a business plan, loan application, presentation, or even for publishing on your office intranet.

Of course, your accounting package can handle invoicing and payroll tasks that your office productivity suite can’t touch, but when it comes to keeping track of how well your business …

Staying On Top Of Your Contacts Is Critical For Contractors

sotoycWHOEVER SAID, “THE MORE THINGS CHANGE, the more they stay the same,” never ran a home office. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelance or contract-based worker, or work remotely full or part time for a firm someplace else, your contact information is your lifeline to clients, vendors, partners, and coworkers. Change it, and you’ll render entries in hundreds of Rolodexes and Palm organizers obsolete. A simple change of address or phone number can snowball into a loss of business, or even call your professionalism or your company’s stability into question. At the very least, it can annoy and inconvenience the very people with whom you’ve worked hard to establish relationships.

Like many home-based workers, Marilyn Milne has dealt with changes of all kinds. …

Need To Know About An App Or Language? Read Something!

aaaSelf-help books should be required reading for software and systems designers. All such books advocate self-knowledge, and self-knowledge is precisely what today’s computers need.

Programs and data should know what they are and what they can do and with what they can do it. PC programs and data files are woefully ignorant about themselves. As is often the case, Macs are ahead of PCs, but even they have a long way to go.

Let’s start with the basics: Every data file should recognize which application was used to create it and which format governs Continue reading

Remember Floptical?? If You Say You Do, You’re Lying

rmbftlFor corporations seeking more storage space in a non-networked environment, floptical technology clears a new path.

This technique of high-density magnetic recording on special floppy disks with optical servo tracks frees up 20M bytes of storage space on a single disk. Optical tracks, which support more accurate seeks than magnetic tracks, are used on floptical disks as alignment guides for the magnetic tracks on which the data is stored.

Because a laser places the optical tracks on the disk in a factory preformatting process, conventional disks cannot be formatted to the 20M-byte capacity. However, because floptical drives can also Continue reading

The Disabled Thrive With Work At Home Opportunities

iiofWORKING AT HOME IS REGARDED BY MOST AS EITHER a perk or lifestyle choice, but for workers with disabilities, it’s often the only way to earn a living. The number of disabled Americans who are unemployed–75 percent–nearly equals the number who wish they were working–72 percent–according to the President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.

Those numbers are discouraging, but they’re poised to make a remarkable turnaround. Three trends are working in concert to launch disabled people into the workforce: A record-high demand for skilled labor; advances in adaptive technologies–hardware devices and software programs that let the disabled perform common business tasks like searching the Web or using the telephone; and perhaps most important, an ever-increasing awareness and acceptance of workstyles such as telecommuting and flextime that let workers train for and perform full-fledged careers from home.

“It’s created a mass number of real small business opportunities for disabled workers,” says Gene Eddington of small business opportunity generator “The change has helped a lot more people than most experts expected.”

Admittedly, adaptive gear such as wheelchair ramps and text-enlarging software utilities have helped small numbers of disabled workers compete for jobs over the years, but the need to commute to a traditional office has arguably kept three-quarters of America’s disabled workers on the sidelines. Continue reading

Tax Advantages For Home Workers

tafhUNCLE SAM IS VERY GOOD TO HOME-BASED WORKERS THESE DAYS. WHETHER YOU’VE launched a business out of a spare bedroom or spend your days visiting client sites, using your home as a professional base of operation affords numerous tax perks and deductibles-some of which are additions to the 1999 tax code.

To learn how your workstyle can earn you the maximum tax savings, we consulted Maggie Doedtman,’s sole proprietor tax research specialist. We also scoured the Web to compile a list of tax tips and resources you won’t want to miss. Here you’ll learn what’s deductible–and what’s not–and how to trim your tax bill to the bone (and be the envy of the paycheck crowd) come April 15.

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